2018 március 18.

Olympiacos upsets OSC, Barceloneta get an easy win again in Champions League

Team Olympiacos stabilised their first place in Champions league group A, after defeated team OSC Budapest by 3 goals. The first half decided the match essentially, because the greek team could raise their advantage continously, and they lead by six goals in the halftime. The visitor hungarian players found themselves in the third period, and started to catch up with a better attacking game, but it was only enough for a 10-7 loss.

The second place standing Barceloneta beat Dinamo Moscow in Russia by 4 goals. The game started as a great derby, the visitors couldn’t get the lead till the end of the second quarter, but this time Munarriz Egana Alberto scored the third spanish goal, forming the 3-2 halftime result. The third quarter was the crucial period of the game, Barceloneta scored 4 goals in a row, and the home team couldn’t find anything to stop Vrlic’s, and Munarriz Egana’s goals. That resulted the big differences between the two teams, and the sixth Barceloneta-win in the champions league.Liga prvaka

source: www.slobodnadalmacija.hr


Results of round 10 (03/14)

Group A

Olympiacos – OSC 10-7

Dinamo Moscow – Barceloneta 5-9

Dubrovnik – Brescia 10-7

Partizan – Hannover 11-15


Group B

Pro Recco – Jadran 10-5

Eger – Spandau 8-4

Szolnok – Alphen 17-4

Bucarest – Sabadell 10-9



Group A

1, Olympiacos 8-1-1

2, Barceloneta 6-3-1

3, Dubrovnik 6-1-3

4, Brescia 5-2-3

5, Dinamo Moscow 4-4-2

6, Hannover 3-0-7

7, OSC Budapest 2-1-7

8, Partizan 0-0-10


Group B

1, Pro Recco 9-0-1

2, Eger 7-1-2

3, Szolnok 7-0-3

4, Spandau 6-0-4

5, Jadran 4-1-5

6, Bucarest 4-0-6

7, Sabadell 2-0-8

8, Alphen 0-0-10



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