2018 március 21.

There were two draw matches in the 18th round of the “A1 league” Italian Championships

On the 17th of March there were seven matches in the 18th round of the Italian A1 league.

Te first place standing Pro Recco beats Lazio on an easy winning game by 14 goals, and they are still unbeaten.

BPM Sport Management received the tail-ender Acquachira, and get a 23-5 victory over them, including a 17-0 scoring streak.

Probably the game of the day was between the sixth place standing Savona and the fourth Ortigia. The home team Savona started the match passively, because they got only two shots in the first 10 minutes (by the way both of them landed in the gate), despite of the opened defensive. Maybe that was the reason for the visitors, to could get the lead, and hold it through the second and the third period. Ortigia turned on with a 8-6 lead to the last quarter, when Savona started to break the defensive wall, and get two fast goals to tied the score. With this elan they could get the lead with another goal, for hoping a big victory, but in the last seconds the visitors could egalized the result. That formed the final score, 9-9.

The other deuce was between the Bogliasco and the Napoli. in the start of the game the favorit visitor team get the lead, but immediately Bogliasco egalized the score. They go head to head till the end of the match, and the final score here was also 9-9.


source: www.piacenzasera.it


Results of the 18th round (17/03/18) :

(6.) RN Savona – (4.) CC Ortigia 9-9
(11.) Bogliasco Bene – (5.) Canottieri Napoli 9-9
(12.) Trieste – (10.) CN Posillipo 6-11
(1.) Pro Recco – (8.) Lazio Nuoto 18-4
(13.) Torino 81 Iren – (7.) Seleco Nuoto Catania 7-11
(2.) Banco Bpm Sport Management – (14.) Acquachiara ATI 2000 23-5
(9.) RN Florentia – (3.) AN Brescia 3-13



1. Pro Recco 18-0-0

2. Sport Management 16-0-2

3. Brescia 16-0-2

4. Ortigia 10-4-4

5. Napoli 10-2-6

6. Savona 10-2-6

7. Catania 7-3-8

8. Lazio 7-1-10

9. Fiorentina 6-2-10

10. Posillipo 5-3-10

11. Bogliasco 5-2-11

12. Trieste 3-2-13

13. Torino 2-1-15

14. Acquachiara 0-0-18

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