2018 március 26.

Jug Dubrovnik, and Jadran Carine won again in Regional “A1” league

Close to the season end the probable winners stabilised their position in the 18th round of the Regional league, after get easy wins over their opponents. Jug CO Dubrovnik is still preserved the unbeatness, and on saturday get the 18th win over fifth place standing Mornar BS. In the first quarter the visitors has been hold the step with the league leader, but the halftime difference already has been 3 goals, first of all owing of the 4 goal shot Luka Lozina. In the second half the home team continued the easy-going offensive play, the players of Mornar tried to score in every way, but unfortunately they only could get 3 hits of 16 attempts.

The 2nd place standing Jadran Carine host team Primorje EB, and got their 14th win. All of the match dominated by the home team, Filip Gardasevic, and Danill Markulov seemed unstoppable till the end of the game, they scored 7 from the 13 home team goals. The visitors hasn’t got a good offensive play, they had 6 turnovers in the second half, Duje Peros was the only player, who could get 3 goals. The final score became 13-4.

source: hvs.hr


Results from the 18th round :

(1.) Jug CO – (5.) Mornar BS 16-8

(3.) HAVK Mladost – (7.) OVK POSK 15-7

(2.) Jadran Carine – (10.) Primorje EB 13-4

(4.) Jadran ST – (6.) Partizan 18-6

8.) Primorac – (9.) Budva 6-6



1, Jug CO (Croatia) 18-0-0

2, Jadran Carine (Montenegro)14-2-2

3, HAVK Mladost (Croatia) 14-1-3

4, Jadran Split (Croatia) 8-3-7

5, Mornar BS (Croatia) 5-5-8

6, Partizan RF (Serbia)6-2-10

7, OVK POSK (Croatia) 5-3-10

8, Primorac (Montenegro) 5-2-11

9, Budva (Montenego)3-1-14

10, Primorje EB (Croatia) 2-1-15

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