2018 március 20.

Jug CO still unbeaten, Jadran Carine get another win in the 17th round, Regional “A1” championship

On the 17th of march all of the croatian “A1 league” teams has been played.

The league leader Jug CO visited Partizan RF at Beograd for their 17th win. The game was very tensful, and balanced till the fourth quarter, which decided about the winner, after Jug CO won it as 5-3. The visitors best player was Hrvoje Benic again, who scored 4 goals.

The second place standing Jadran Carine has made sure their position after get their 13th win over Mornar BS in Split. Probably the match was decided in the second quarter, when Jadran Carine scored 4 goals against only one, and the halftime result was 5-2. The home team couldn’t decreased their disadvantage, by the way they lost the third quarter too without shooting goal. The final result became 10-5 for the Jadran Carine. The leader of the visitors was Aleksa Ukropina with 4 goals.

source: www.hvs.hr

Results of the 17th round:

(5.) Mornar BS – (2.) Jadran Carine 5-10

(7.) OVK POŠK – (8.) Primorac 10-13

(9.) Budva – (4.) Jadran ST 5-14

(6.) Partizan – (1.) Jug CO 8-10

(10.) Primorje EB – (3.) HAVK Mladost 5-18


1, Jug CO 17-0-0

2, Jadran Carine 13-2-2

3, HAVK Mladost 13-1-3

4, Jadran Split 7-3-7

5, Mornar BS 5-5-7

6, Partizan RF 6-2-9

7, OVK POSK 5-3-9

8, Primorac 5-1-11

9, Budva 3-0-14

10, Primorje EB 2-1-14

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