nemzetközi bajnokságok

Dinamo Moscow beats two times the Spartak Volgograd

2018 márc 09

Dinamo Moscow beats two times the Spartak Volgograd in the tenth round of the russian waterpolo championships. The first game in Volgograd starts very easily for the visitors, they lead by five goals, and the halftime result was 7-2. The third place standing home team began a very massive third, and fourth quarter, but the […]

Montjuic almost get the No.1, Concepcion, Dos Hermanas dealed with Rubi

2018 márc 09

There were 6 matches in the last round Primera Division on the 3rd of March. Team Concepcion host the fourth place standing Montjuic, for keep their unbeatness. Their get the lead very fast, and won the first quarter as 4-2, and hold this 1-2 goal difference until the end of the game. Probably the second team, Rubi […]

Radnicki loses, but still the first, Beograd loses again on “A1” Serbian championship

2018 márc 09

On the 3rd of March all the six teams were get in the pool in the serbian A1 division. Radnicki visited Zemun, and got their first loss in the season by their persistent follower, Zemun. In the first quarter Zemun break as a bull the visitors defense, and get a 3-1 run. In the rest […]

Olympiakos stands still unbeaten, Ydriakos won again, in the greek “A1” division

2018 márc 09

On the 3rd of March there were 6 matches in the A1 division, Greece. Olympiakos is still unbeaten, after won by six goals in Chania. The match decided in the second quarter, which won the Olympiakos by 5-0, that’s because of the halftime result was 7-2. The second half was easy way for the visitors, […]

Cverna Zvezda beats the team Zadar by 12 goals in serbian A2 championship

2018 márc 08

Yesterday The Crvena Zvezda wins the biggest difference over team Zadar. The match decided in the first half, because the home team lead as 10 goal after fourteen minutes. Results “RTL A2” 03/07/18: Crvena zvezda – Zadar 1952 18:6 (6:1, 5:0, 5:2,2:3) Medveščak – Valjevo Gorenje 7:6 (2:1,1:2,2:1, 2:2) Nais – Šabac 5:9 (2:2, 1:3, […]

Pro Recco stands still unbeaten in the men’s italian waterpolo championship

2018 márc 08

Yesterday in the italian “A1M” the biggest win got Savona against Acquachiara, and the biggest derby was between the first, and the second place on the board, BPM Sport Management and Pro Recco. The match was so tensful till the end, but the last quarter Ivovic’s goal has decided the score, and the still unbeaten […]

Croatian waterpolo team gets to the Group C with Greece, Netherlands and Turkey

2018 márc 08

The Barceloinan European championship will start on 14th of July, and the lottery was took a place. Team Croatia will meet on the third match against Greece, Hungary gets Italy, Serbia is in the group D with Russia, and Montenegro hardest opponents will be the spanish team. The croatian federal coach, Ivice Tuka says, he […]

Mladost beat Primorce in Regional A1 league

2018 márc 07

Team Mladost beat team Primorce in Zagreb to 18-10, it means the Primorce suffered their 10th match this season. Croatian team until the 12th triumph of this season led Kozmin Radu and Ivan Domagoj Zovic with four goals. By the way the Jardan Carine will be the guest tomorrow in Partizan.  

A német rekordbajnok csapatnál fiatalításba kezdenek

2017 júl 02

A Spandau megnyerte a német bajnokságot, most pedig a következő szezonbeli csapatára koncentrálhat a klub. Az új csapatban lesznek változások, de már lehet tudni azt is, mi lesz a magyar Eb bronzérmes kapus sorsa a jövőben

Habkönnyedén nyerte a Jug Dubrovnik a Regionális Ligát

2017 ápr 02

Megvédte címét a Jug Dubrovnik a Regionális Ligában. A horvát együttes a döntőben valósággal átgázolt a Jadran Herceg Novi csapatán.